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Combat Sports


Prototyping a Martial Arts Training Aid

Core77.comCore77.com - Dec 12, 2017
Upon request, I've been prototyping a martial arts training aid for my instructor. One of the arts he teaches is called Baguazhang. This is a Chinese internal martial art, similar to Tai Chi, but whereby the practitioner moves in circular patterns ...  


Arnis can deliver 20 golds in SEAG
Journal Online - Jul 9, 2018

ARNIS, the traditional Filipino martial art sport which traces its roots to the days of Lapu-Lapu, can deliver as many as 20 gold medals in next year's Southeast Asian Games in Manila. This was stressed by Philippine Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation ...  



Looking back at the first six months of the 2018 boxing year

ESPNESPN - Jul 9, 2018
We are six months into 2018, a boxing year that has had its ups and downs. There have been some tremendously exciting fights and some sleep-inducing wastes of time. So halfway through the year, what are the biggest storylines? Here are my top four.  



Simpli.fi's 'addressable geo-fencing' enables individual household targeting but at scale

Marketing LandMarketing Land - Jul 11, 2018
Local programmatic platform Simpli.fi has introduced what it's calling “addressable geo-fencing.” Geofencing based on IP address or polygons or radius targeting has been around for a long time; this approach allows marketers to target individual ...  

Free Fighting


Japanese Iaido Master Cuts a 200 Mile-Per-Hour BB Pellet With a Katana

NextSharkNextShark - Jun 18, 2018
If there's a triad of skills humanity can take in the name of survival, it has to be the precise combination of accuracy, concentration and speed. At least, that's what Japanese Iaido master Isao Machii has been showing us through the years. Isao Machii.  

Ju Jitsu

Pakistan to feature in Asian Ju-Jitsu
The News International - Jul 11, 2018

LAHORE: Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) is sending a 10-member national team for participation in the 3rd Asian Ju-Jitsu Championship 2018.A PJJF official said five male players and one female player along with 3 officials will participate in the ...  


Pakistan's Qaisar Khan wins Bronze at judo competition in Hong ...

Geo NewsGeo News - Jul 14, 2018
Pakistan's Qaisar Khan has won the Bronze medal in Hong Kong cadets Asian Cup Judo Championship to improve his chances for qualification to the Youth ...  


Tabletop battle robot does tai chi, karate

ZDNetZDNet - Jul 17, 2018
"From Boxing to Kung Fu to Karate to Robot Olympics." At 14 inches and nearly five pounds, this thing is hefty. The humanoid is actuated by 22 metal-geared servo motors, each rated with a 25Kg punch force. The little fighter actually delivers punches ...  


The School That Buell Built

MidweekMidweek - Jul 3, 2018
Martial artist Martin Buell no longer does flying kicks, but the kempo and karate grandmaster sure knows how to inspire his students, both here and abroad, to reach for the sky and grapple with the impossible. The aged and white-bearded martial arts ...  


UCLA's Kendo club practices Japan's aggressive yet reverent martial art

Daily BruinDaily Bruin - Jun 25, 2018
Onegai shimasu – “Please let me train with you.” Two players face each other and bow, wearing Bogu with their Shinais in hand – a Kendo match begins. Kendo – which translates to “the way of the sword” – is a Japanese sport similar to fencing, but done ...  


I Love Kickboxing.com to open studio on Kuykendahl Road in Tomball

Community Impact NewspaperCommunity Impact Newspaper - Jul 5, 2018
I Love Kickboxing.com will open its sixth Greater Houston area location in November at 27030 Kuykendahl Road, Tomball. Owned by husband and wife Pamela and Blesson Varghese, the studio will offer a variety of kickboxing classes six days a week for all ...  

Kung Fu

Foreign martial arts fans celebrate their Kung Fu roots at Shaolin Temple
Xinhua - Jul 15, 2018

It is estimated that every year, tens of thousands foreign martial art aficionados make pilgrimages to Shaolin Temple, the most sought-after attraction for the growing legions of Kung Fu fans across the globe, seeking to experience the authentic ...  

Mixed Martial Arts

Madison mixed martial arts fighter Alton 'The Bo Man' Cunningham in UFC bout Tuesday

Madison.comMadison.com - Jul 9, 2018
Latonya Steffenhagen said she always gets a little nervous when her son enters a mixed martial arts cage that he or his opponent will be hurt. But she said she never worries about the outcome. “He's a winner,” Steffenhagen said of her son, Alton “The ...  

Krav Maga

Retired Firefighter Training Other Firefighters in Krav Maga

NBC 7 San DiegoNBC 7 San Diego - Jul 2, 2018
Every day firefighters put themselves in danger – and it's not always a burning building or a brush fire. Last Monday, one firefighter was killed and another hurt after a gunman opened fire in Long Beach, and San Diego firefighters were caught in the ...  

Muay Thai

Waunakee student wins Muay Thai belt

hngnews.comhngnews.com - Jul 11, 2018
“He worked a lot with Jorden, working through those emotions.” Joseph's opportunity to win a title belt finally arrived in June, when he traveled to Des Moines, Iowa. There, between June 21 and 24, the largest Muay Thai tournament in North America was ...  

Professional Wrestling

10 Best 'Pipebombs' In Professional Wrestling History

CultaholicCultaholic - Jul 9, 2018
When cutting a promo, injecting some genuine passion and sentiment is a good way to get the crowd's attention. Oftentimes, the most golden of tongues in pro wrestling have been able to achieve that desired effect while remaining true to the kayfabe ...  


Indian Pencak Silat team in Asiad cause for celebration in J&K

SportstarliveSportstarlive - Jul 8, 2018
For most, it was a bolt from the blue, quite a few even scoffed at it, but for one man in the troubled state of Jammu & Kashmir, Pencak Silat's inclusion in the Indian Asian Games contingent was the perfect culmination of a long journey he started ...  


Savate boxe française – Océan Indien – Quatre tireurs malgaches à la Réunion
L'Express de Madagascar - Jul 14, 2018

Quatre îles seront représentées au championnat de l'océan Indien de savate boxe française à la Réunion. La Grande île y alignera quatre combattants. Première sortie de la saison. La Grande île sera bel et bien représentée au championnat de l'Océan ...  


Sumo: Kakuryu's bid for 3rd-straight championship off to good start

The MainichiThe Mainichi - Jul 8, 2018
Like Takayasu, Goeido entered the tournament as a "kadoban ozeki" whose status at sumo's second-highest rank is in jeopardy after a losing record in May. Goeido was about to throw No. 1 maegashira Shodai from the ring by his belt. But the ozeki's right ...  


Olympians, national champions compete at Taekwondo Championships in Spokane

The Spokesman-ReviewThe Spokesman-Review - Jul 13, 2018
Two young women step onto a rubber mat, garbed in traditional Taekwondo dobok uniforms. On top of their uniforms, they wear electronic scoring pads strapped to their torsos, helmets and even their feet, updating points every time there's a hit. The two ...  

Tai Chi Chuan

Tucson Fitness and Workout Ideas for July 9-15

Arizona Daily StarArizona Daily Star - Jul 3, 2018
... Beginners Class — Movement Culture, 435 E. Ninth St. Brazilian martial arts. 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays. $15. 603-8043. Saturday Tai Chi — The Hoff Studio, 215 N. Hoff Ave. Learn chi-building standing meditation and Yang form Tai Chi Chuan movement.  


F-stopping time: Photographer Cheryl Gerber revisits New Orleans photo subjects from years ago

The AdvocateThe Advocate - Jul 9, 2018
... in wudang taiji, coming back to New Orleans because it's the “only unique place in America.'' Here he met a woman (they just celebrated their 17th anniversary) and today he teaches taijiquan every morning in Washington Square to students young and old.  


Ditambah Tokoh Boruto, Ini Dia 15 Pengguna Taijutsu Terkuat di Naruto!

Duniaku Network (Siaran Pers) (Blog)Duniaku Network (Siaran Pers) (Blog) - Jul 5, 2018
Sudah jelas, kalau ranking pengguna Taijutsu terkuat di Naruto yang satu ini butuh direvisi ketika karir Boruto Uzumaki sudah menapaki salah satu momen pentingnya! Tidak hanya kekuatan Ninjutsu dan Genjutsu, Taijutsu merupakan disiplin ninja yang ...  

Tang Soo Do

17th Tang Soo Do tournament is this weekend

Burlington Times NewsBurlington Times News - Jul 10, 2018
In 1982, Jae Chul Shin, a grand master of the martial art Tang Soo Do, began searching for the perfect location to build the new world headquarters of the World Tang Soo Do Association. At the time, he was living in Burlington, N.J., and the quest took ...  

Thai Boxing

Lodi woman world Muay Thai Champ

hngnews.comhngnews.com - Jul 5, 2018
Katherine “The Terror” Brereton brought the 2018 Thai Boxing Classic Women's Lightweight World Championship belt home to Lodi after winning a trifecta of fights in Des Moines, Iowa, June 22 to 24. Brereton, born and raised in Lodi, first stepped into ...  

Turkish Wrestling

Turkish wrestlers return with 13 medals from Spain
Daily Sabah - Jun 29, 2018

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Turkish Wrestling Federation Chairman Musa Aydın dedicated the wrestlers' success to all citizens in Turkey. "Only one of our wrestlers came up fifth while the rest of our wrestlers bagged medals," Aydın said. "I would ...  

Wing Chun

Never a dull moment: Butterfly swords break out at Wing Chun Kung Fu

The LedgerThe Ledger - Jul 16, 2018
LAKELAND — Butterflies may be harmless, but butterfly swords “can ruin your day.” The 11- to 14-inch Bart Chum Dao swords, dubbed butterfly swords through the centuries because of the way a pair folds and their appearance displayed on walls, are being ...  


G1 Climax 2018: Wrestling media world selects fantasy G1 tourney participants

Sporting NewsSporting News - Jul 13, 2018
So, I reached out to various members of the wrestling media to get their input on such a tournament. All of them were asked to give 20 names and were given the option to add a few words about each selection. Some even went above that by putting them in ...  


Tucson fitness and workout ideas for July 23-29

Arizona Daily StarArizona Daily Star - Jul 17, 2018
Xingyiquan — Descending Dragon Health Center, 3461 E. Speedway. Internal martial arts share common principles such as non-oppostition of greater force, using leverage and structural alignment to maximize the bodies ability to generate force, and a ...  

Cage Fighting

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